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Selina Prince: Why My Teenager is Exposed to Burlesque

I know there are a lot of people out there who would cringe at the idea of letting their teenager be around a bunch of people who take their clothes off for fun. It sounds obscene or wrong doesn’t it? Well I have to be honest…I just don’t agree with that.

I started my burlesque journey in January of 2014. I was depressed and unhappy on many fronts and I wanted something bold and artistic to do. I had a void inside me that needed filled by something. I wanted to stand up and make a difference somehow. I really don’t know how I decided on burlesque. It might have actually been my daughter who pointed me in that direction. She has always had a variety of different interests that most teenagers don’t.

selinaprince_2I ended up getting involved with a show called Miss Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque. It was a fundraiser for Indiana Equality Action. When I tried out for this show, my daughter was 14. It was scary as hell trying out for something like this, and then I was asked to be a kitten. I had desperately hoped to be an actual part of the show and was really bummed to just be a part of the crew. My daughter was sitting with me on the couch when I was talking about how sad I was that I wasn’t a part of the show. She had kind words and comfort for me. I was sitting there watching my daughter be so supportive of me and she knew how hard it was for me to put myself out there. That’s when I made the decision to make the best of it. I told her that it was ok that I didn’t make it in right now. No one starts off at the top. They wanted me as a kitten so I was going to do the best I could at doing this job that I possibly could. And I did do a good job as a kitten. And by showing up and being there and being reliable, I also managed to weasel into a number and I got to perform on stage! That’s where it all started for me. I was able to show my daughter that no matter what, hard work and a positive attitude pay off!

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Forget-Me-Not's for Show Packing by Karma D’Light


Karma D’Light is full of prettiness, positivity, and prestigious organization! You never know what you’ll find in her purse and/or pockets but rest assured, if someone is in need of something; Karma’s got it! She also has a few quick tips on last minute “don’t forget!” items when packing for your next show and/or event!

The more shows I perform, the more I am getting the hang of what to bring with me to get ready! It seems I always forget something no matter how many times I check and recheck my bags.


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Angel Burlesque Open Bra Returns

Angel Burlesque is thrilled to bring back our Open Bra series.

Saturday, May 30th, 10:00 p.m.
Theatre on the Square

 Open Bra: Like an Open Mic Night but with Burlesque!!

Angel Burlesque’s Open Bra series started at the amazing and incomparable Cracker’s Comedy Club in Broad Ripple in 2011. Cracker’s was the home of the Open Bra series for three wonderful years, hosting over 18 Open Bra’s that featured over 350 routines!


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Burlexplanation: Clean Your Room or Else!

We give our all for burlesque, don't we? Blood, glittery sweat, and tears. It's not often we can say "real" blood is involved. Fake blood? Yes, sometimes alot of fake blood but that's another story. This macabre burlexplanation is brought to you by messiness, knives and penetration. Told by the fairest of them all, Lola LaVacious.

lolaperformingIf anyone really knows me well knows I have the most uncanny talent of sustaining random injuries in unique ways. This particular incident was no exception..except it included a very sharp object. With all of my projects for designing and creating pasties and other burly effluvia I've been lucky at not getting any cuts or scrapes the last few years. I have been victim to cheap glitter paper cuts under the nailbed...ripped skin from too strong glue, splinters the size of logs in my hand right before hitting the get the point. 
Sharp things like scissors, rotary cutters, and seam rippers have been my tools I could count on for their work and I always took great care of these tools as to prevent any mishap. They are always the first thing to be carefully put away in their respected places...until a new guy joined the pack.

I bought a handy dandy mini soldering tool set for soldering jewelry, woodburning, stencil cutting and especially the long blade for foam board. I had created these "fan tacos" for my newest piece for it debut on the lovely Athenaeum stage with some of my favorite dancers in the city. Gorgeous silk veils streaming around the stage while I performed barefoot was a beautiful idea...until The Incident.

Night before the show I was cleaning up my office space strewn with boxes of jewelry and feathers and foamboard while spending some time with a good pal of mine. While mindlessly chattering away and cleaning IT happened. Approximately two inches below the medial ankle bone or the inside part of the ankle and cool steelyness entered. It didn't quite hurt per se but something was not right. I looked down to see the long blade of the soldering kit which was still attached to the main handle of the tool sticking into my foot. I paused taking in the situation and realize I would need to remove it problemo until it started bleeding. My dear friend snapped into action asking for the first aid kit once I told them what occurred. (They will always be a part of my dream zombie apocalypse team for their non squidgy reaction and calmness)

I simply asked for a paper towel and continue cleaning beginning with the proper storage of the blasted tool so nobody else could get hurt. 
My fella came home not even a few mins after the incident and sighed deeply in resignation upon hearing the news. A few butterfly bandages later I thought I was good to go...until I couldnt put weight on the foot the next morning...the morning of the performance! How does one go onstage limping with such delicate fans? I was able to seek professional help and got my ankle stabilized with pink kinesiotape...a sharp contract to the black white and silvers in my costuming. I was thinking of the lame humiliation I woul endure in explaining why I had so much tape to these pro dancers that perform with traumatic injuries sustained by being amazing dancers. Quick fix or the nite black crew sox with the toes and heels cut out to give it the "arty" edge. I performed my routine that evening with no one the wiser except maybe questioning my costume choices.

Note to self: always clean your room.

Our dear Lola is on the cutting edge of many things, but hopefully this will be the last time involving sharp objects!
Learn more about the super talented, multi-tasking, RAW hostess with the mostest extraordinaire!

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Thanks for reading and stay fabulous, friends!


Confidence in Burlesque Part 2: Physical Tips and Tricks


In Part One, Katie Angel established "Real is Sexy" through having confidence in yourself, on and offstage. We foster this confidence both mentally and physically. Last time we discussed how we can adjust our attitude to cultivate confidence through self-love and appreciation. Today we're going to explore how to use glitter, corsets, undies, and more to build up our glamour artillery and accentuate the positive through physical tips and tricks of the burlesque trade!

There are many different tips and tricks I employ to help myself feel more confident. The physical tips are very practical and actually do help me a feel a lot better. There are lots of things I can do with my appearance that help me conceal the parts of me that I don’t want to highlight


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Burlexplanations: It's Not Easy Being Green

Welcome back to our next installment of Burlexplanations! 
This week's edition is brought to you by Angel Burlesque's own Frankie Spanxx and the everlasting color of "ogre" green.

Frankie as Fiona from Miss Honey B's Bourbon Boylesque

For Miss Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque in April, there was a princess number. I decided along with Minnie to go a little outside the traditional, expected princess roles. She was princess Leia and I was Fiona the ogre. I thought long and hard about the easiest, cheapest way to become an ogre fast as I was in other numbers in the show. I decided upon a green body suit and make up just for face and neck.



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Getting to Know Minnie Ryder

DataWhat inspired you to start burlesque?

It was quite accidental actually. My best friend and I took an intro to pole dancing class. As we were bemoaning our sore thighs and watched bruises begin to form I saw information for a burlesque class. A few weeks later Angel Burlesque had a Burlesque 101 and I was hooked immediately.

How did you come up with your first routine?

I love the Blues Brothers and my favorite part was the scene with Cab Calloway singing “Minnie The Moocher”.

How long have you been doing burlesque?

I debuted my first routine February 2013 at Angel Burlesque Open Bra. It's amazing how time flies.

How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?

I've changed pretty much everywhere; one time squished in a corner covered with a curtain and 3 other ladies. it was a lot of fun....oh the question is how! I have confidence in abundance onstage and feel very much at home there. If something goes awry during a performance I don't sweat it, just improv through it and more often than not everything turns out grand. Backstage I'm not afraid to approach people and introduce myself, smile broadly and chit-chat whereas at the very beginning I'd be avoiding eye contact and looking for a hole to crawl into to be noticed less. Funny how the stage changes people isn't it?


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Burlexplanation: Curse of the Curious Spots!

Welcome back for another thrilling tale of the mysterious happenings in the life of burlesque performers!


This week's edition is brought to you by Las Vegas favorite Blanche DeBris and gauging the number of years in burly career by pastie variants.

Blanche joined the our cast of  Nuvo Nominated Indy's Best Charity Event: Miss Honey B's Bourbon Boylesque to benefit Indiana Equality Action and Marriage Equality earlier this year. She graced the stage with her routine hit "Sound of Music in 6 Minutes".  We asked this hilarious lady if she had any memorable burlexplanations, and indeed she had a curious one!


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Angel Burlesque Happy Thanksgivings!

From families to burly friends, jobs and more, here are some things we Angels are thankful for!

angels1One of our newest Angels, Selina Prince:
 I am thankful for my family, having a job that I love (most of the time), and all the wonderful new people who have entered my life this year and the opportunity to participate in such a fabulous hobby! This has definitely been a pivotal year for me in a lot of ways!
Founder and Angel Burlesque CEO, Katie Angel:
I am so thankful to have a creative outlet in my life and a place where I can dress up and play pretend. And, I am thankful for you all!!!

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Burlexplanation: Death by Nails

Welcome Back Friends!

This week's Burlexplanation is brought to you by Angels Mona S'Amor and an extremely long acrylic nail set!

No performers were harmed during the production of this performance

As part of a recent routine with Sylvestia Stiletto, I would be killing her at the end of it with my thumbnail. I had noticed girls at work wearing "stiletto nails" and decided these lengthy killer nails would be perfect for the end of the routine.  



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Burlexplanation: Once Upon Feathers

Welcome back!

This week's burlexplanation we are pleased to have guest contributor MaMarie LaVeaux of Crème de les Femmes!

A well known favorite around town with a wide variety of extraordinary costuming incorporated into her routines, MaMarie knows quite a bit about what to expect when it comes to the after-effects of performing burlesque.



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Burlexplanation: What's Yours?


This week's Burlexplanation brought to you by:
Minnie Ryder and spray adhesive craft glue

A few days after a recent show my curious three year old discovered remnants of Mommy's "Dance Party" night on the side of my calf. After a quick glance at the large black circular shape of gunk with lines criss-crossing through it my ever so supportive hubby states "There must be a burlexplanation for this one". Hence, a new name was born for the mishaps, trials, and/or leftovers relative to practicing the broadly creative art form of burlesque.




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Frankie Spanxx on Burlesque with a Family

I am a 33 year old married mother of a 4th grade girl. I have been involved in burlesque for a while and performing for a year. Discovering burlesque as an art form and getting involved both happened in my thirties after wife and mother were both established titles. Though this is not uncommon in our trade, it does present different obstacles than someone that was performing pre-family.

I decided to interview my husband and daughter to get their take. I wanted to know how it has affected my husband to have a wife that was a retail manager and mom when we met become a woman busy with shows, costumes, rehearsals, workshops—OH and taking her clothes off for people on stage. Also though, I was curious to see how it is viewed by my young, impressionable 9 year old girl.



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Getting to Know Ginger Peach

gingerpeachWhat inspired you to start burlesque?

I happened upon the documentary "A Wink and a Smile" and fell in love with burlesque immediately. I searched for burlesque in Indianapolis and Angel was the first one I found. I read the website information and the motto of "Real is sexy" and, for the first time in my life, I considered getting up there to be the pretty girl I had always wanted to be. Angel was having a workshop with open auditions afterwards. I decided to go to the workshop and, if I liked it, I would stay for the auditions. Of course, the workshop was amazing, so I stayed and was cast in my first show! Three years later, here I am!


How did you come up with your first routine?

My fiance and I bonded over a love of old horror films. Jason Voorhees is one of my favorite villains, and I liked the idea of surprising my audience in the way the old films did. So, "Death by Burlesque" was born!



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Getting to Know Lola LaVacious

What inspired you to start burlesque?

I grew up watching old movies and the women were so glamorous and yet in control of everything. My passion growing up was singing and theater but I never quite fell in love with opera or Broadway 120% but still loved the stage and found burlesque incorporated all the theater facets like makeup, costuming, writing and choreography in a glittery fun package. After years of watching the Infernal Doll Factory grow as a savage burlesque group and loved the freedom, creativity and really pushing the envelope with subject matter and gore I was curious to try my hand but in a less intense way. My Sfriend Sammy Sutra started her own burlesque production company and asked me to perform….I only sang and did a tame fan dance but was hooked.


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Getting to Know Coty Foxfire

What inspired you to start burlesque?

I wanted to get back into dance. I danced and figure skated growing up and this was a creative way to regain that outlet. 

How did you come up with your first routine?

My first solo (The Mobster-ette) was an character from the depths of Katie Angel's magnificent brain. She had a vision and we choreographed to fulfill that creation. 

How long have you been doing burlesque?

I have been dancing in burlesque for 4 years. 

How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?

I have gained a lot of confidence on stage in the past few years. However, I'm still a nervous fool backstage before I perform. 

What tips can you give aspiring performers?

Make sure you develop what you are "giving the audience" through a routine.  How are you connecting to them?  What does your routine offer?  The audience paid for a ticket and they deserve a show. 

Any real life details you want to share?

I was a competitive figure skater growing up.  I am beyond lucky that I have another outlet to perform in life. 


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Confidence in Burlesque: Part One

katie1Confidence in Burlesque: Faking It Until You Make It!
 by Katie Angel

Angel Burlesque’s motto is “real is sexy” but that’s just because “highly stylized version of yourself in which you artfully highlight the parts you love and carefully conceal the parts you don’t is sexy” is just a little wordy.

When you’re performing burlesque, you’re not presenting your“real” self but a highly stylized version of yourself.  Do I walk around in sparkles, false eyelashes and fringe all the time? No. (If I were cooler I would.  Sometimes I wear fairy wings or a tiara tothe grocery store to cheer myself up but I digress.)  But, I do believe real is sexy…the heart of that is; YOU are sexy, just as you are right now.  Not in 20 pounds.  Not after that boob job.  Right now. You are sexy, valuable and worthwhile. There’s a confidence that needs to be fostered so you can shine as a human being onstage or off.

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Getting to Know Sylvestia Stiletto

This lovely gal gives new meaning to saucy! Let's get to know some more about this spicy Angel!

How long have you been doing burlesque?
I have been a part of the burlesque community for 1 ½ years now, and I have loved every minute of it!

How have you changed, on stage and backstage?
I know I have tremendously onstage. I have branched out more, and try to define my own “norms” for what I think burlesque is. I try to get out of my own comfort zone, and define my character to the best I can. The TIT program helped me with that. Backstage, I have been a little louder than I normally would, and try to talk to the other performers as much as I can and make new friends.

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Getting to Know Belle Breeze

What inspired you to start burlesque?

Katie Angel said, “I’m going to put on a burlesque show. Want to strip?” 

How did you come up with your first routine?
Katie had asked me to do a tapping number, and I chose the brassy Bette Midler version of “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.” There was a distinct lack of sequins in that costume, which is a mistake I’ve never repeated.
How long have you been doing burlesque?
Four years. Good lord, is that right?
How have you changed, onstage and backstage in that time?
After several years of stripping, I decided to focus more on hosting and comedy. Backstage, I’ve evolved into a burlesque “elder"—free with advice, encouragement, and the occasional smackdown when necessary. And I have embraced my love of shiny, shiny things. Never pass up the opportunity to wear a tiara, that’s what I say.
What tips can you give aspiring performers?
Be a little humble. It’s great to be self-confident, but realize that you don’t know everything. Part of the journey is learning. So observe, be polite, do your research, and don’t be a pain in the ass.

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