Katie Angel

Katie Angel

Producer, director, and founder of Angel Burlesque, Katie Angel performs neo-burlesque with a wacky flair that's 15% gorgeous and 85% bat-shit crazy. From her Klingon "Today is a Good Day to Strip” routine to her sexy and hilarious Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Katie proves again and again why she's called the "Lucille Ball of Indy Burlesque."  

Katie has studied with some of the top-ranking performers of the neo-burlesque scene, including Michelle L'Amour, Dirty Martini, Jo “Boobs” Weldon, Indigo Blue, Blanche DeBris and Iva Handfull.

She has performed at the inaugural Nerdlesque Festival in New York City, Minneapolis, Detroit, St. Louis and Chicago.  One of her favorite shows to perform at is with the Glitter Guild at GenCon.

As a producer and director, Katie has helmed Angel Burlesque’s full-length productions Welcome to Heaven, Erin Go Bragh…less, Boo-lesque, Angel Burlesque Gets Lucky, Purr-lesque: A Pretty Kitty Revue, the Princess Wore Pasties (both top sellers at the Indy Fringe Festival), Angel Burlesque at Deluxe, Miss TaTa’s & Tiaras, A Girl for All Seasons, Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder and the widely popular Nerdgasm shows. 

 She also conceived the Open Bra Night series, which welcomes new and established performers alike. Angel Burlesque loves to help people discover burlesque both as audience members and performers!

 Angel Burlesque has raised over $25,000 for local charities and causes including the Indiana AIDS Walk, Planned Parenthood, the Julian Center, the Indiana Equality Action and Dance Kaleidoscope. 

Katie translates her passion for burlesque into teaching workshops, helping people find the sexy confidence that resides within us all.

Jeff Angel

Jeff is always thrilled to take the stage with lovely naked performers. 

No stranger to the stage having performed with Beef & Boards, The Civic Theater, American Cabaret Theater, Carmel Community Players, Theatre on the Square, Footlite Musicals, The Artist Studio and the Children’s Museum’s Lilly Theater.  He was a longtime radio personality starting in California, breezing through Oklahoma and finally landing in Indianapolis. Jeff also enjoys film work; recent film credits include Ezekial’s Landing, Ingenue, EZ Money, RiverRats, and, (not recently and his wife’s favorite), he was an extra inAmerican Graffiti.  Despite what you might think, Jeff is not married to his onstage cohort and frequent co-host, Belle Breeze but is married to Katie Angel. Jeff enjoys cosplaying as a Jedi and Imperial Officer as a member of both the 501stand the Rebel Legion (you can say he likes both the dark and light side of the force).

He has been called, “hands down, Indy’s best emcee” by Nuvo. Lastly, Jeff must say thanks to his amazing, beautiful, and talented wife Katie Angel, because it's in the pre-nup… really he must say it!


Belle Breeze

Belle BreezeBelle Breeze began her career on the (more or less) legit stage as a chorus girl, where she gained notoriety for her stellar legs and her less-stellar time step. After making one too many choreographers cry, she took herself to the burlesque stage, where she found her true home. A founding member of Angel Burlesque, she’s most often seen today as an emcee, charming audiences with her quick wit and bawdy humor.

In her spare time, Belle delights in haunting thrift stores, creating costumes, and posting photos of her cat, Mr. Sparkles, on Facebook. A graduate of the Tippytoe Princess Dance and Charm Academy, Belle believes in the power of good posture, sharp wit, and Martha Stewart glitter.

Christina Arabesqua


Christina was enrolled in a jazz class at age five and discovered that she loved performing. Throughout her grade school and teen years she continued studying jazz but also dabbled in tap, ballet and hip hop. She took a break to complete her Bachelor's Degree and then her Master in Accounting but always felt that something was missing in her life.

After sitting all day at a desk, she knew she needed to do something active so she started to dance again. She was introduced to Angel Burlesque when they held open auditions for the February 2015 Steampunk show and she has never looked back. Christina loves that Angel Burlesque has allowed her to use her creativity in new and exciting ways.

An introvert by nature, performing has caused her to become much more confident and self-assured.

Cora Noire

 This lady with a dark heart made her burlesque debut at one of Angel Burlesque's Open Bra nights and then later was accepted into the troupe as a full company member.  

With routines ranging from rockabilly sexy to Trailer Park Queen, this emo Rainbow Brite basically wants to paint the world black. With sparkles.  

Coty Foxfire

As a past competitive figure skater, Coty expanded her dance repertoire when she made her burlesque debut in Angel Burlesque's Welcome to Heaven and has been with the Angels for three years.  

Coty wants to show everyone that you can still be sexy after motherhood!   

French Accent

Authentic from the old continent, and self proclaimed food snob, French Accent found through burlesque stage a way to promote tolerance and while using naughty humor.

French Accent made appearances in a few shows in Indianapolis, such as the Honey B's Bourbon Boylesque and Angel Burlesque's Tribute to the Muppets! He is living proof that not only young pretty girls can take their clothes off in public: you just need to have fun doing it.

Frankie Spanxx

Frankie Spanxx has been called the “CarrotTop” of burlesque for her excessive prop usage, off the wall humor and red hair--- That ends the similarities however.

She started her burlesque career kittening Open Bras which soon evolved to Stage Manager of "A Girl for All Seasons" and entrance into the TiT program.

Since graduating from the TiT program in September 2013, Frankie has been making audiences laugh with her creepy comedy and maybe grossing them out a little…. And they like it. A Lot. Like, a lot a lot.

Galaxy Jones

Galaxy Jones is no doubt a stellar performer; as well as the queen of terrible puns. 

She enjoys bright colors, shiny objects and boobs. Don't let this upbeat Angel fool you though, she has a darker side that is unforgiving and she loves to show it off. 
She is no stranger to the stage, as she has an extensive background in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, indian and bollywood styles of dance. However, she is a fresh face to the burlesque scene having only been performing with the Angels for just about one year. She debuted in Angel Burlesque's Open Bra Spooktacular in October of 2012. She favors neo-burlesque and nerd-lesque, but she's anxious to get better at classic burlesque. 
Her performance goal is to amaze, shock, provoke and inspire her audiences. She hopes to travel with her routines and perform at least once in every state of the U.S.


Ginger Peach

Not just spicy and sweet, Ginger Peach serves it up hot and in a variety of flavors. From her classic allure in tribute to Tempest Storm, a kick-ass fairy in boots, fluttering fans dancing in homage to Autumn Leaves, a hilarious Colonel Sanders and even blood-drenched nods to horror villains and zombies, Ginger is always looking for new ways to wile and beguile her audience!

She has been proud to call herself a member of Angel Burlesque since 2011, and since she began performing, she has branched out to performing regionally, nationally, and 2015 took her to Cork City, Ireland! As if her fiery-haired beauty and sultry curves were not enough, you can rest assured that Ginger will bring you a flavor you’ve never tasted before!

Gwen De'Lyn

Gwen De’Lyn is a newer Angel who was curtailed into kittening by Mona S’Amor for Nerdgasm IV in 2014. Since donning her first nerdy swimsuit she decided to jump in and join the T.i.T.s program and voila! Here she is today; dazzling the audience with a silky, sultry yet adorable style. Her performances range from dark, soft, and seductive to countrified cowgirl with a ten gallon hat. 


Karma D'Light

Karma D’Light fell in love with burlesque and started kittening for Angel Burlesque the fall of 2013. She loves to plan unusual events which include Studs in Stilettos, a benefit for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

She was a part of Miss Honey B’s Bourbon Boylesque and if you came to this year’s Nerdgasm, she probably had you digging around in her pockets. Karma loves to shake her bootie and dance to ‘old school’ songs. Beware of what kind of Karma is headed your way! Much love!

Jada Bella

Jada BellaJada Bella has been performing since age 18, but it was until she was 25 that she wore her first pair of pasties. It's been a perfect fit ever since. You may have seen Jada stripping in pointe shoes as well as being a living dead girl. She is proud to call herself an Angel and thanks the wonderful people in her troupe that make her fantasies come to life. In Jada's spare time, you might find her pruning her garden, cuddling with her kitties, or practicing her sultry dance moves.

Jason Adams

Jason has been a puppeteer and storyteller for more than 15 years. His work has been seen at The Xperimental Puppetry Festival at the Jim Henson Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, The Great Small Works festival in NYC, as well as lots and lots of variety and burlesque shows in Chicago and Indianapolis. 

In 2016 he was voted “Best Local Comedian” by Nuvo Magazine and his show “Circus of Joy” was given the Quirky Award by the Indyfringe Festival.

Lola LaVacious

Lola LaVaciousLola LaVacious puts the "sass" in sassafrass and the cracks in your broken heart...this sultry siren loves to show what she's got whether spooking you out of your pants or being the vision on the edge of a dream. Hobbies include breakin hearts and forgetting names, slinking, blinging and a good book. Lola has been a guest performer with Minsky Kinks of Lafayette, Kitty von Klawson productions of Kokomo and her custom pasties of "Pastie Cakes" shared the stage with the "Rurban" clothing line last summer.

Max Maneater

Max Maneater made her burlesque debut on a dare and fell in love with the Angels. Since then, she’s been revving up the audience with gender-bendy routines and a ton of glitter.

Max sure appreciates the hard side of femininity. From hard hats to handcuffs, her performances combine glitz and grunge to push back on boring stereotypes. Fight the patriarchy!

You may have seen her in Open Bra, the Muppets Tribute Show, or the Leap Day Vagina Show as a TiT (Teaser in Training), or making an appearance at PEEP!, Amazing Tails or Punk Rock Night. She isn’t afraid of a challenge, and loves working with troupes and independent performers all across Indy.

There is something so moving when you hear “real is sexy”. It’s tough to find women deviant enough to love themselves, and in Angel Burlesque we appreciate folks in every age and on every stage. Max says she can’t imagine feeling more loved – and loving herself – as much as she is right now.

Minnie Ryder

Minnie Ryder is a cute and feisty gal who loves drawing, laughter, and dark chocolate. She is currently working on a way to combine these things into a trifecta of awesomeness.

She's been around the theatre block a time or two in both performing and working behind the scenes.  After a few years of causing ballet instructors to grimace at her futile attempts for gracefulness Minnie stumbled into the perfect shoe and her adoration of tap dancing was born. She also enjoys costuming, playing with glitter, making funny faces and terrorizing her 3 kids with off-key singing and spontaneous dancing while making dinner. 

One day, her dream to choreograph a tap dancing number with a stage full of Angels will come true. Until then she continues to delight audiences with fun and quirky stories with great characters.

Mona S'Amor

While Mona S'Amor's is new to the Angels, she's no virgin to the burlesque scene.  She made her debut in Sacramento under the guidance of the Sizzling Sirens.  With a sassy mouth, this West Coast tease will have you begging for S'Amor.

Napoleon Brokenhearts

Culture and crass with a splash of sass describes this delectable vixen to the “T”…

When she isn’t breaking hearts all over the city, Napoleon Brokenhearts is trumping the stage with her feisty attitude and knack for making crafty props. After joining the stage with the Angels in many a production, she soared through the Teaser-in-Training program and is now tickled ruby red to be a bonafide Angel. 

Sadie Seirēn

Sadie Seirēn has undergone quite an Odyssey to get where she is today. Raised by rogue wolves in the mountains of Greece, Sadie spent her early years training with traditional seirens of the sea. Unable to use her powers for evil, Sadie chose to move to America, where she could sing and allure people to laughter, rather than death.

Sadie would like to thank her breasts for just being awesome, and her supply of bras for their endless support and dedication.

Selina Prince

Selina Prince jumped onto the burlesque scene this year by participating in Miss Honey B's Bourbon Boylesque and since then she has been hooked.

The perfect mix of bad and good, sultry and sweet, naughty and nice, you never know what you are going to get. From dark and crazy as the Mad Hatter, or covered in glitter, there are many sides to Selina. She is thrilled to be one of the newest angels and looks forward to keeping you on your toes with what she is going to do next!

Sylvestia Stiletto

 Saucy, tangy, spicy.

No, you're not ordering nachos. These are all words describing the sizzling Sylvestia Stiletto.

Since her debut in Angel Burlesque's February Open Bra, Sylvestia has been developing her bizarre, sensational striptease talents by performing in several Angel Burlesque shows including A Girl for All Seasons and Nerdgasm, ACEN in Chicago, and as a guest performer with troupes throughout Indianapolis.

Sylvestia is an alluring siren who would rather spend her time eating mozzarella sticks than glittering her costume; a girl's got to have her priorities straight. She is thrilled to bring her off-beat ideas and choreo to Angel Burlesque's Teasers in Training!